Alfons van Dal

Alfons van Dal

Owner / Founder

Snofla Furniture is a Surinamese company specialized in creating exceptional wood furniture from solid wood and creating custom made furniture on special request. The company creates striking bedroom and dining room furniture with superior quality from solid wood such as the Amarjosa (vatairea guianensis), Bloodwood (brosimum paraense) and the Tatabu (diplotropics purpurea).

Founded in 1980 by Alfons van Dal at his former home in Paramaribo North the company started with just a drill, saw, small compressor and some tools. Two years later the opening of Snofla Furniture was a fact after acquiring professional equipment.

In 1985 the Snofla Furniture factory was relocated to the Kwattaweg and has been there ever since.


Best quality furniture!

M. Kenswil

Since 2007 a happy customer of SNOFLA FURNITURE! Keep doing what you’re already doing!!

M. Bab-Lo Fo Sang

For craftsmanship, quality and exclusivity SNOFLA is the right place to visit. They make use of quality and durable materials. We’ve had our single and double beds for over 12 years and they still look like new. The designs of SNOFLA are recognizable.

H. Bhugwandass